Lump Sum Settlements Workers’ Comp in Portland, OR

Does it look like your claim is going to get denied or you’re going to get less than you expected? Turn to the Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen to find out what you can do to still get the money you need to take care of your medical expenses. Mr. Hansen has guided many clients to high-paying lump sum settlements through their workers’ comp claims. In Portland, OR, residents have turned to him for more than 40 years because of his complete dedication to getting the best possible outcome for their cases.

Some people think that settling is like giving up on the fight. However, it can actually work in your favor in certain situations. When you work with Mr. Hansen, he’ll let you know the possible and probable outcomes for each legal option you have. When you work with this lump sum settlement attorney, you can see which path is worth taking.

Determining Which Type of Lump Sum Settlement is Right for You

When you accept a settlement, you are accepting a lump sum of money now instead of continuing checks for your disability. Regular workers’ compensation pays out only as long as you are injured to the point of being unable to work. They use settlements to pay out less over the long run.

If you settle for enough and heal more quickly than expected, you get paid more by settling. As an experienced lump sum settlement attorney, Mr. Hansen not only advises you on when a settlement works better in your favor, but also which type of settlement is better for your case.

There are two kinds of lump sum settlements paid through workers’ comp claims. These include claim disposition agreements and disputed claim settlements. Claim disposition agreements allow you to get an agreed-upon amount of money now in exchange for your right to future disability benefits and vocational rehabilitation. However, you do keep your right to lifetime medical care.

Disputed claim settlements are similar except you give up all future benefits including lifetime medical care. Both types of settlements have to be approved by the Workers’ Compensation Board. No matter which one you choose, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you have an experienced and dedicated lump sum settlement attorney to guide you in the right direction.

Contact Mr. Hansen today to find out if a lump sum settlement is in your best interest. He proudly serves clients in and around Portland, Beaverton, Gresham, Hillsboro, and Salem, Oregon.