Workers’ Comp Claim Process in Portland, OR

Don’t struggle through the claims process. Instead, turn to the Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen. When you get injured on the job, it’s important to complete the claims process accurately and efficiently. This ensures you get all the benefits you’re entitled to in an appropriate amount of time.

When you work with Mr. Hansen, you have someone to guide you through the workers’ comp claim process in Portland, OR. He is a native of the area and has been working with clients just like you for more than 40 years. In that time, he has become familiar with every facet of state laws regarding workers’ comp. With this level of expertise, you can have more peace of mind throughout this difficult time.

How the Workers’ Comp Claim Process Works

As soon as you’re injured on the job and see a medical professional about the extent of your injuries, you may file a claim. That claim is then either accepted or denied by your employer’s insurer. If it is denied, Mr. Hansen can help you appeal the decision. If it is accepted, you then qualify for disability benefits for two-thirds of your salary or hourly rate.

If you are permanently disabled, your doctor’s evaluation of your injury is compared to the current rules and regulations. This determines the amount you will be paid for your permanent disability benefits. If you believe you are entitled to more, the workers’ comp claim process allows you to appeal for more. You cannot testify at the appeal hearing. Rather, the judge looks over the documents to see if there is any contradicting information between the regulations and your doctor.

Helping You Reopen Claims if Necessary

Sometimes, you don’t know how an injury or illness might affect you right away. For instance, if you get an infection in your lungs, the initial signs may just be severe coughing or wheezing. However, if your case worsens, it might get to the point where you have to carry an inhaler at all times and aren’t able to do much physical activity without running out of breath.

If your original injury worsens, you might fear having to go through the workers’ comp claim process all over again from the start. However, Mr. Hansen can help you reopen your original claim. Typically, you have five years to reopen your original claim if your condition gets worse. However, if you start experiencing worsening symptoms after the five-year mark, Mr. Hansen can help you petition the Workers’ Compensation Board so you can get the benefits you deserve.

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