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What to Do When You’ve Been Injured at Work Cont.

In our last post, we discussed some tips you should follow when you are injured at work. For more information, please read on.

Document Everything

No matter where or how you were injured on the job, you will always want to obtain as much written and photo documentation as you can. For example, if you were injured on the company’s property, you will want pictures and any statements from coworkers who were present during the accident. If you were injured by a third party while you were driving for the company, you will want pictures of the accident, police reports, and eyewitness accounts.

Use the Company Doctor

When you are injured, you most likely want to go to your personal doctor. However, unless you requested to receive treatment from your own doctor in case of emergency and the company agreed before the injury, you might need to go to a company approved physician. If your injuries are serious and require immediate attention, the first doctor you go to might need to address any questions or concerns from your company’s workers’ compensation representative. You will then need to visit the company approved doctor to make sure he agrees with the first doctor’s diagnosis. If there is a discrepancy in the diagnoses between the two doctors, you might have to visit a third doctor that your company approves of.

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