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Getting Help When Injured on the Job

Sustaining an injury or illness while at work can be a harrowing experience. While you may be entitled to workers’ compensation, an ugly truth of the matter is that a complicated claims process may be blocking you from obtaining it.

A prevailing assumption about filing an injury claim is that worker’s compensation insurers care more about forms than helping people. However, by working with a workplace injury lawyer in Portland, you can file your claim confidently.

One of the most essential things about workers’ compensation is that claims must be filed quickly. In the state of Oregon, employers must submit a Form 801 to their insurer within five days of the injury’s occurrence. As a result, filing a claim can seem like a time-sensitive process – especially if you are in the middle of recovering from an accident or sickness.

If you become injured on the job, then it’s crucial to take action. First, report the injury to your supervisor. Then, seek medical attention. When explaining your situation to both your supervisor and the medical staff, make sure you tell them the same account of events.

A leading cause of claim rejections is inconsistent information. Keep any documentation you get from your employer, medical care provider, and insurer. When it’s time to fill out your Form 801, go over it with a workplace injury lawyer. A lawyer can help you go over the form to make sure it is complete and accurate. They can also guide you through the claims process to make sure it proceeds as smoothly as possible.