Vocational Rehabilitation Through Workers’ Compensation in Portland, OR

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If you’ve been seriously injured because of your working conditions, there might come a time where you can no longer perform your current duties past 80% of what you used to. While this may be what you have been training to do for several years, hope is not lost. In fact, you may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation through workers’ compensation in Portland, OR.

The Vocational Retraining Process

Vocational retraining or rehabilitation gives you the opportunity to pursue a different job or career that you’re interested in. Make this your chance to do something you’ve always dreamed about doing, but thought that going back to school would be a waste of time and money.

When you seek vocational rehabilitation through workers’ compensation, the insurer hires a vocational counselor who performs an evaluation. This evaluation should tell you which jobs you are physically able and not able to do given your health conditions. After this first evaluation, you may choose your own counselor for further training.

There is also a state-sponsored vocational rehabilitation program that you can qualify for in addition to the insurer-sponsored program. The state-sponsored program supplies needed equipment and wage subsidies. It also protects workers from potential employers’ prejudices against injured workers.
Mr. Hansen is happy to help you get the training you need. If you don’t qualify for the insurer-sponsored program, he’ll do what he can to help you qualify for the state-sponsored one.

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