Workers’ Compensation Medical Care in Portland, OR

Get the treatments and medications you need to recover or adjust to your injury or illness. By turning to the Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen, you get the guidance you need to thoroughly understand which workers’ comp benefits you’re entitled to, as well as the satisfaction of knowing you have an experienced attorney in your corner.

Mr. Hansen is happy to take you step by step through the claims process to ensure there are no mistakes. This makes it much more likely that your claim will be accepted. Once it is, you have the right to workers’ compensation medical care in Portland, OR. Except for a few limitations, this care can continue in perpetuity for your stated condition.

Limitations to Your Medical Benefits

Trust Mr. Hansen to explain your rights and what you can expect the outcome of your workers’ comp case to be. He is happy to tell you about any limitations to your benefits so you know exactly what to expect.

When it comes to your workers’ compensation medical benefits, they may change if you are deemed medically stationary. In this case, you only get care that keeps you stable if you have a job or are in a vocational retraining program. Otherwise, you can still get your other needs covered, including diagnostic and curative services, as well as coverage for medication and mileage to and from your doctor, hospital, or physical rehabilitation center.

Other limitations to your workers’ compensation medical care come when you are enrolled in a Managed Care Organization, or MCO. If this happens to you, you must see a doctor on a pre-selected list, which may not be your primary care physician. This can slow down your care or make it harder to access.

Contact Mr. Hansen today to ensure you get compensated for the medical care you need. He proudly serves clients in and around Portland, Beaverton, Gresham, Hillsboro, and Salem, Oregon.