Disability Benefits in Portland, OR

Whether your injury is expected to last a few short weeks or much longer, you can count on the Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen to help you understand which benefits apply to you. Mr. Hansen has been working with clients like you for more than 40 years, which has given him a wealth of knowledge regarding disability benefits in Portland, OR. So whether you need help deciphering the legal jargon or you need someone to fight for your rights for workers’ compensation, schedule your free consultation with Mr. Hansen.

Qualifying for Temporary Total or Partial Disability

After you have been evaluated by your doctor, you can qualify for temporary disability, which includes partial or total benefits. Temporary total disability allows you to make two-thirds of what you were making at the time of your injury. You’ll be paid every two weeks until your doctor says that you’re either medically stationary--in which case you would get permanent disability--or free to return to your normal job.

If you can still do a light amount of work, you can get temporary partial disability instead. If you have a doctor-approved light-work job that pays less than what you were making when you were injured, this benefit allows you to get a check to make up the difference.

Here for You When Your Condition is Permanent

When a doctor tells you that you qualify for permanent disability benefits, that doesn’t mean your injury is going to take over your life. It may simply mean that your disability can alter your ability to work in the specific position you were in before.

If you qualify for permanent partial disability, it means a doctor has said you are medically stationary. That means you have an impairment, change in sensation, or a loss of motion or strength that is significant enough to affect your work indefinitely. Your doctor’s rating of your condition is compared to the workers’ compensation regulations, which determines how much money you qualify for. If you absolutely cannot do your old job, then you can receive a work disability award as well.

In many situations, clients can do some form of work even with their disability. However, if they can’t even after vocational retraining, they may qualify for permanent total disability, which provides a benefits check once per month for life, after which their spouse gets a check once per month for life.

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