3 Tips to Help You Avoid a Work Injury

Work Injury Lawyer Hillsboro ORWe understand that you cannot prevent every accident, but our goal is to keep you safe during the workday. By enforcing safety tips, you are reducing the chance of having a workplace accident. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen want to help make the workplace even safer with three helpful tips.

Never Run- You should never run in the workplace, whether it is an office or construction site. In an office, a wet floor sign could easily be missed when someone is rushing to get to their next meeting. On the job site, an employee could trip over some objects if they run. These dangerous combinations do not have favorable outcomes, so it is best to walk even if you are in a hurry.

Complete the Entire Job- Whether it is placing a wet floor sign in a visible spot or not cutting corners to meet a deadline, you should always complete the job you are given.

Stay vigilant- When you are paying attention, you are more likely to catch anything that could pose a danger to yourself or someone else beforehand.

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