3 Things Workers’ Compensation Covers

Work Injury Lawyer Hillsboro ORAs a business owner, it is your duty to protect your employees in case an accident happens while they are on the job. We understand you are responsible for a lot of things, but you should always put your employees first. Your workers are dedicated to your business and you should repay them by having a workers compensation plan. Discover three things that this policy can cover below.

  • Medical Treatment- When an employee is injured at work, this policy will pay for their medical treatment. You do not have to worry about covering the costs because this insurance plan is specifically meant to cover treatments for workplace injuries.
  • Missed Wages- While your employee is in the hospital or at home recovering from their injuries, this policy will cover their missed wages. You and your employee do not have to worry about making ends meet.
  • Peace of Mind- Your employees will have peace of mind knowing they will be taken care of if they are injured at work. As the owner, you will have peace of mind because you do not have to worry about paying out of pocket if an accident occurs.

We hope accidents do not happen in the workplace, but if you find yourself looking for a work injury lawyer in Hillsboro, OR, our attorneys are ready to help. Give us a call at (503) 862-3042 to schedule a legal consultation today.