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Jobs with High-Risk of Injuries Part Three

Workers Comp Attorney Portland OregonMany jobs are strenuous on the human body. Some jobs are riskier than others, so you should always be aware of your surroundings and the task you are working to complete. We thought we would describe three more jobs where people have a higher risk of getting injured.

Industrial Workers- When you are surrounded by heavy machinery, your chances of getting hurt increase. Factory workers have to stay vigilant at all times.

Commercial Fisherman- These brave men and women face many dangers while they are out at sea. You can easily be injured during a storm or when the deck is wet.

Baggage Handlers- Lifting heavy luggage can put a strain on your back, whether you are loading it onto the plane or placing it in someone’s hotel room. This constant lifting can injure people’s backs and legs.

Even if you do not work in one of these careers, we can help you if you have been injured on the job. We believe if you have been hurt while working, you should receive compensation for your pain. When you need a workers comp attorney in Portland, Oregon, you can rely on The Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen. Call our office today at (503) 862-3042 to schedule a one-on-one consultation.

Jobs with High-Risk of Injuries Part Two

Work Injury Lawyer Hillsboro ORIn our previous blog post, we noted some careers that tend to have a higher risk of work injuries. In this blog post, we are going to talk about three more jobs that are a little more common.

Landscapers- In every city or town you visit, there are professional landscapers. These men and women work with a variety of machinery for a living. Accidents can happen while mowing or trimming hedges. It is vital for landscapers to be aware of the task at hand constantly.

Truck Drivers- Almost every road you drive down, you are likely to see a truck driver. From hauling food to electronics, truck drivers deliver a variety of items to its destination across the country. With all this driving, truck drivers have a higher risk of injuries.

Electrical Workers- From electricians to linemen, these professionals deal with different levels of electricity on a daily basis. Whether you are just starting or a seasoned professional, you should always ask if you are unsure about something.

If you or someone you know has suffered a work-related injury, turn to The Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen right away. Let us be your work injury lawyer in Hillsboro, OR. To schedule a consultation, give us a call at (503) 862-3042 today.

Jobs with High-Risk of Injuries Part One

Workers Compensation Attorney Salem OregonA workplace injury can happen at any job, but some people are more likely to be injured because of their job. At The Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen, we want to share three jobs that have a higher risk of injury.

Construction- In the construction industry, there is an exceptionally high risk of injuries because of power tools and heights. Whether you are on a scaffold painting or hanging sheetrock, you should always stay alert to lower your chance of harm.

Farming- From large animals to equipment, there are many things on a farm that could cause injuries. It only takes a moment of not paying attention or looking elsewhere for something to go wrong.

Loggers- From cutting down trees to heavy-duty equipment, loggers can easily be injured while on the job. Often loggers are out of cell range, so if something does happen, they are unable to call for help.

Regardless of the career path you have chosen, we hope you stay vigilant so you can remain safe. If you ever need a workers compensation attorney in Salem, Oregon, you can trust us to put your needs first. Reach out to our firm by calling us at (503) 862-3042 to schedule a personal consultation right now.


3 Tips to Help You Avoid a Work Injury

Work Injury Lawyer Hillsboro ORWe understand that you cannot prevent every accident, but our goal is to keep you safe during the workday. By enforcing safety tips, you are reducing the chance of having a workplace accident. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen want to help make the workplace even safer with three helpful tips.

Never Run- You should never run in the workplace, whether it is an office or construction site. In an office, a wet floor sign could easily be missed when someone is rushing to get to their next meeting. On the job site, an employee could trip over some objects if they run. These dangerous combinations do not have favorable outcomes, so it is best to walk even if you are in a hurry.

Complete the Entire Job- Whether it is placing a wet floor sign in a visible spot or not cutting corners to meet a deadline, you should always complete the job you are given.

Stay vigilant- When you are paying attention, you are more likely to catch anything that could pose a danger to yourself or someone else beforehand.

If an accident does happen, you can count on us to be your work injury lawyer in Hillsboro, OR. Reach out to our firm by calling us at (503) 862-3042 to schedule a legal consultation with one of our compassionate attorneys.

Can Pre-Existing Conditions Affect Your Workers Comp Claim?

Workers Comp Lawyers Portland OregonIf you have a pre-existing condition and it correlates with your work-related injury, the pre-existing condition can have a negative impact on the compensation and medical treatment you receive. However, our attorneys will fight on your behalf for fair reparations. We personalize our services to meet our clients’ needs because we understand the challenges your family has to face in the wake of a work-related injury.

For you to receive the full amount of workers compensation, you must be able to prove that this work injury has worsened or is the result of your current state. A medical professional must agree with this conclusion to move forward with the claim. With help from our attorneys, we can decrease the chance of the insurers from denying your claim. We cannot guarantee an outcome, but our compassionate attorneys will help guide you every step of the way, so you do not have to face this challenge alone.

For experienced workers comp lawyers in Portland, Oregon, you can count on The Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen. When you choose our firm, you will never feel like it’s you against the world because we are in your corner. If you have questions about a pre-existing condition, call our office at (503) 862-3042 right now.

Medical Care for a Work Injury

Whenever there is an accident at work, your supervisor should be notified right away even if no one is seriously hurt. Sometimes it takes a few days for soreness and stiffness to take its toll on your body. You should not have to suffer in pain for an injury that happened while on the job. Workers compensation wWorkers Compensation Attorney Salem Oregonill cover emergency and non-emergency injuries.

Emergency Treatment- If you have suffered broken bones or any other type of injury that needs urgent medical attention, you should seek treatment right away. You do not need to worry because workers compensation will cover expenses to treat your injury.

Non-Emergency Treatment- Were you involved in an accident at work, but felt fine until a few days after the incident? If you start to feel the effects of the accident afterwards, you should let your boss know, so you can fill out the proper paperwork. Workers compensation will pay for the diagnosis and treatment of your injuries.

For a workers compensation attorney in Salem, Oregon, you can turn to The Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen for legal representation. If you have questions regarding your medical treatment for a work injury, you can contact our law office at (503) 862-3042 today.